• Date
  • Time
    03:00 pm
  • Admission
    20€ IGA-Tagestikcet Erwachsene; Kinder bis einschl.6 Jahren frei, bis 17 Jahren 5€ // * kostenpflichtige Platzkarte (10 €) erforderlich
  • Address
    IGA - Haupteingang Kienbergpark, Hellersdorfer Straße 159, 12619 Berlin
  • IGA Berlin 2017

Das Pfingstkonzert mit Bernhard Brink

Bernhard Brink is not someone to lament his predicament, but faces up to a situation and calls it by name. Speaking of names: over the years, Brink has made quite a name for himself. If you enter just his first name into an Internet search, Bernhard Brink is the very first result. And that’s no surprise: not only did was he a key figure of West German popular culture, he has also left a mark in the new Germany during the past 25 years since reunification. Brink is a brand. And that’s just fine!

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