• Date
  • Time
    08:00 pm
  • Address
    Schumannstraße 13, 10117 Berlin
  • Deutsches Theater Berlin

Kuffar. Die Gottesleugner

In his latest play, Nuran David Calis weaves together three worlds and three locations. First, the hidden room of the young Hakan, a former hospital doctor who gradually turns into an Islamist and vents his growing missionary zeal on a video blog. Second, the exile experience of his parents, who fled to Germany from Turkey in 1980 as young leftist activists following the military coup. Now retired, they don’t know how to react to the change in their son, and underestimate the magnitude of his transformation. Third, the highly charged, tense atmosphere in Turkey in September 1980, shortly before the army seized power. As far from apologetic as it is possible to be, and without a hint of sentimentality, Kuffar. The Atheists (Kuffar. Die Gottesleugner) is about doggedness, conviction and and the end of the dialogue.

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