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    07:30 pm
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    Schumannstra├če 13a, 10117 Berlin
  • Deutsches Theater Berlin

Lesbos - Blackbox Europa

Lesbos is the place where 800,000 refugees first touched EU soil beginning in the summer of 2015. Since the EU-Turkey Agreement from March 20, 2016, new arrivals are forbidden from continuing their journey to northern Europe, and are forced to apply for refugee status in Greece or to face deportation back to Turkey. Thousands await an uncertain future in the former transit-camp and current EU hotspot Moria. At the same time, tourism on the northern and eastern coasts of the island, where up to 20 boats of refugees arrived each day, dropped by 70 percent. But there has been a surge of volunteers arriving to help to meet the needs of the refugees, where the EU is failing to do its job.

Eight kilometers from Lesbos is the Turkish coast. From here, Iraqi writer Thalfakar made his way to Europe at the start of 2015. Landing with a boat in Lesbos, he took the Balkan route via Hungary to Berlin. His narrative is mixed with the report of two actors who visited the island a year later to report on the catastrophe after the catastrophe. For even if the headlines of the newspapers have turned to other subjects and the German borders now only allow visa-free entrance to Schengen citizens, the refugee crisis is not over, it has only moved elsewhere. 

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